German "social status" still offensive

Clark Ward ward at
Tue Nov 16 15:42:27 EST 1993

: >	It seems as though 4th Reich has become more subtle in their
: >imposition of behavior modification on the masses than it's predecessors
: >have been.  So subtle that Weiyun Chen feels obligated to defend it. 


: >	I would appeal to the moderator of these news groups to deny job
: >posting privileges to the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), and other 
: >employers who determine salary based on social status.

: Oh, so the answer to net fascism is net censorship?  Grow up!!

: Ed Rybicki

Hear, Hear!  If the best response one can conjure against fascism is
censorship(also fascism), then one might do well to begin by censoring
one's self.  After all, fascism, not charity, should start at home.

Clark Ward, L/Cpl, USMC

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