Thu Nov 18 21:02:54 EST 1993

I tried to email a reply to this - it bounced.

I had no difficulty finding the article (along with several others) in OMIM
I you want & if you give me an email address I can use I will send it to you.
You may be able to find more articles on MEDLINE. While there is not free
access to this on the net almost any medical library will have access to it
and will probably also have a CD-ROM version.

If you need something written in lay english I cannot help you. I am not aware
of anything and my library does not hold such material.

In article <8554 at eastman.UUCP>, yates at groelsch (Jim Yates) writes:
>         I am a systems analyst at for a large east coast
> imaging firm.
>         I have no medical background.  Accept maybe for
> deciding when to use a band-aid vs getting stitches.
>         I would like to learn all I can about a genetic
> deficiency called Neimann-Pick type C.
>         My 4 month old baby boy was just diagnosed with
> this fatal genetic deficiency.
>         Is there a database I may access?  Please advise!
> I have tried the  Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man
> but had no success.  
> 	I routinely access news servers about computer 
> related matters.  This is my first attempt to interface
> with the professional medical community via news.
> 	I have found this community to most helpfull!
> My sincere thanks to all that have tried to assist
> in my quest for information.
> 	Neimann-Pick type C type is a genetic problem 
> with chromosome 18.  This causes a problem with the 
> cells ability to process cholesterol.  
> Regards,
> yates at
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