H.pylori mailing list or addresses?

Dieter Polzin dieter at cs.uct.ac.za
Sat Nov 20 08:45:57 EST 1993

We are researching the relationship between Helico-bacter pylori and
ulcers - with particular interest in how this is mediated.  Being
somewhat isolated we were wondering whether there are  any mailing
lists to which we can subscribe or alternatively does anyone know the
e-mail addresses of people doing similar research?  One of our
colleagues has subscribed to a flow cytometry mailing list which has
benefitted him enormously.  Any suggestions or ideas can be sent to
the following e-mail addresses: 
   mark at git.uct.ac.za or gerry at git.uct.ac.za or to
shameem at git.uct.ac.za

At the moment we don't have access to the net so would appreciate
replies to our mail addresses.  Thanks in advance

Mark Kidd

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