DNA restriction server(?)

Claus S. Kristensen csk at lm.dth.dk
Sun Nov 21 09:09:18 EST 1993

Dear fellow biologists / molecular biologists

I am considering to set up a new e-mail service which could provide some
very simple programs, i.e. DNA restriction tables, DNA->Protein,
Protein->DNA, detection of reading frames etc. Most e-mail servers provide
very sophisticated services, homology serches, exon detection, DNA and
protein folding etc, but apparantly none which does the simplest things.
Of course, I know that such programs are widely available for free, but
usually they are infrequently updated or, at least the Enzyme-lists are.

So I would like to hear your opinions on my suggestion. Here is the outline
of what I intend to include:

	A) DNA restriction tables and diagrams. Here I imagine that enzyme
	   manufactorers could have an arrangement where they provide me
	   with up-to-date info so ALL available enzymes could be included.
	   The server could then provide (on request) a list of sources for
	   particular enzymes.

	B) Detection of possible reading frames
	C) DNA->Protein translation of reading frames or plain DNA in
	   the six possible "reading frames"

	D) Detection of inverted and direct repeats

	E) Detection of signals (e.g. promoters, DnaA boxes or whatever).

	F) Your suggestions.

We do already have some code for these programs, which has to be converted to
UNIX-style C-code (we have a working MS-DOS and Windows program). If, however,
you have or know of code which can provide any of these tasks, I'd like to
hear from you.

Please let me know what you think:

	1) This is totally uninteresting - forget it.
	2) This may be a good idea, however I will never use it.
	3) This is a very good idea. I will use it and encourage others
	   to do so as well.
	4) I have some addtional suggestions.
	5) This already exist! (Where..)

Any (ANY) feed-back is most wellcome. Please send your comments to

poll at lm.dth.dk

I will close for comments on Dec. 5 and post a summary of the result to this

Yours Sincerely,

Claus Kristensen

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