Q:Internet teaching,research,service

Robert M. Reinking reinking at CCIT.Arizona.EDU
Sun Nov 21 13:33:12 EST 1993


The performance of University Professors is often base upon three
criteria; Teaching, Research and Service.  I would like to ask for brief
reports of success in one or more of these areas based upon the use of
the Internet.  What use of Ethernet/Internet has enhanced your Teaching,
Research and Service responsibilities?  What words would you use to
convince your administration that you must continue to use
Ethernet/Internet in your work.  Compare your efforts, and the results,
before and after you gained network access.

Do you teach "over" the Internet, or using Ethernet?  What are the
advantages.  Do you save time.  Do the students learn better or faster. 
Do you obtain teaching materials using Internet.  Do you test over the
Internet.  Do you provide grades using the Internet.  Is teaching using
Ethernet/Internet in any way better, faster, lower in cost.  Do you
administer your teaching responsibilities from afar using the Internet.

How has the use of the Internet changed the way you do research?  Do you
routinely collaborate via Internet.  Have you secured grants _because_ of
your use of the Internet.  Do you share research data or manuscripts over
the Internet.  Has the use of the Internet eliminated the need for
expensive travel.  Has it allowed you to meet impossible deadlines.

Do you provide service via a network connection?  How many persons are
affected by this service.  Does it shorten the time required to perform
such service. Does the service involve two-way communications.  What
impact has this service had on your constituents.

Thank you for your interest in these matters.

Bob Reinking

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