making transgenics, mice

Sonia H. Pearson-White sp3i at
Tue Nov 23 14:49:08 EST 1993

We are interested in contacting e-mail "pen-pals" we can ask
questions about mouse breeding in general and transgenics
in particular. We are establishing a new transgenic lab,
but questions arise that our vivarium staff cannot answer.

We have successfully obtained transgenics, but are stumped
at the moment by a series of foster mothers (Swiss-Webster 
outbred) that seem normal until their pups are born. Then
these foster mothers run around the cage in a frenzy, and
don't nurse the pups, who die (disappear) within the first
several days of birth. This first started when the cooler
weather began, but we have adjusted the temperature of the
room now and this week's litters appear to have the same
problem. We would appreciate suggestions and experiences.

Sonia Pearson-White, PhD
University of Virginia
sp3i at

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