stasi spread aids story ?

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> dear colleagues,
> the story that aids was 'invented' in a lab is/was quite wide spread.
> i remember reading that it was created (in part) by the east german
> stasi, but would like to obtain a more official reference to this story...
> any pointers to stasi involvement in the spread of this rumour ?
> clemens
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You will find some info on this subject in the book "KGB" by ??? and
Gordijevskij.  The authors did not mention any Stasi involvement in spreading
the story.  They pointed out that the first mention of Aids originating from
some American biolab research comes from an article in some Indian weekly
in 1983.  The story was picked up two years later by Literaturnaja Gazeta
(Soviet weekly) and then took off worldwide.  The authors, however, mention
a name

of some prominent East German biophysist who throughout 80' frequently
gave interviews on origins of Aids, and who openly supported the idea
that Aids was a man-made virus which, either deliberately or incidentally,
was released in the USA.  This biophysist could have  of course work
for Stasi...


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