NIH EDNET BBS: Info wanted

Brain Foley brianf at
Mon Nov 8 12:49:28 EST 1993

In SCIENCE (Volume 262, October 22, 1993) there is a full-page
ad in the back (page 607) from the NIH.  In the second column
there is information about the NIH EDNET BBS.  Including 
instructions to logon as "F5E" with initials "AJL1".

THe machine to connect to was listed as CU.NIH.GOV, but if
you telnet to this machine, it tells you that that machine
is used for e-mail only.  It tells you to use TN3270.CU.NIH.GOV

I used TN3270 communications and connected to TN3270.CU.NIH.GOV
last Thursday and was impressed.  It was a typical BBS interface
with several conference areas, including conferences to help
highschool biology students get questions answered by scientists
at the NIH.  There was also a conference for posting jobs.

Today, the TN3270 machine is no longer accepting the "F5E" as
a valid account.  There is not info in the SCIENCE ad about
who to contact about this BBS.  Do any of you have any info?
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