Need info on APLYFIA

Craig Marshall craigm at
Mon Nov 8 22:24:48 EST 1993

Charles Christopher Cole (ccole at wrote:
> Hi,
>   My name is Tim Vibbert and I'm the need of any information that people can
> give me on Aplyfia.  I begin my senior research on this topic in the spring
> and haven't been able to get any information as of yet.  Can anyone give me
> some information or direct me to where I can find it.  Names of books,
> magazines, and the like are really what I'm looking for but any type of
> information would be useful.  Send replies to the following e-mail address.
> Thanks in advance.

> Tim Vibbert   
> Wa03 at utmartn.bitnet

Could it be that you are looking for information on Aplysia, a marine

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