NIH EDNET BBS: Info wanted

Irene Anne Eckstrand IAE at CU.NIH.GOV
Mon Nov 29 08:12:46 EST 1993

> I used TN3270 communications and connected to TN3270.CU.NIH.GOV
> last Thursday and was impressed.  It was a typical BBS interface
> with several conference areas, including conferences to help
> highschool biology students get questions answered by scientists
> at the NIH.  There was also a conference for posting jobs.
> Today, the TN3270 machine is no longer accepting the "F5E" as
> a valid account.  There is not info in the SCIENCE ad about
> who to contact about this BBS.  Do any of you have any info?
> --
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> *  Molecular Genetics Dept.  *     it wouldn't be called research  *
> *  University of Vermont     *                                     *

I have forwarded your letter to the NIH Division of Computer
Research and Technology, which maintains the BBS.  I trust you
will hear from them very soon.

Irene Eckstrand

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