heliculture (snailfarming)

Harold Kamperman H.Kamperman at bioch.utas.edu.au
Tue Nov 30 20:45:06 EST 1993

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>From: H.Kamperman at bioch.utas.edu.au (Harold Kamperman)
>Subject: heliculture (snailfarming)
>Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1993 01:55:51 GMT

>Hello all,

>I hope this is the right news group.  I am interested in reading about snail 
>farming but unfortunately our library has only books on snails as pests.

>I would appreciate if someone could email me some good references about this 
>topic (historical aspects, current techniques, geographical distribution of 
>farms, econonics etc. - anything is welcome). I believe the technical term is 

>Thanks to all who take some time and reply,

>Harold Kamperman
>University of Tasmania,

>H.Kamperman at bioch.utas.edu.au

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