CFV: sci.agriculture

L. Todd Masco cactus at
Wed Nov 24 17:30:53 EST 1993

                      FIRST CALL FOR VOTES (of 2)
This is the first of two Call For Votes (CFV) regarding the proposed
creation of a new newsgroup.  Please read the proposal before voting.
Detailed instructions for voting are given below.

Unmoderated group sci.agriculture

Newsgroups line:

sci.agriculture		Farming, agriculture and related topics
All votes must be received by 23:59:59 UTC, 15 December 1993.

This vote is being conducted by a neutral third party.  All questions
regarding voting and procedure or reports of problems should be mailed
to "L. Todd Masco" <cactus at>.

All votes should be mailed to vote at

All questions regarding the proposed new group should be mailed to
the proposer, David Bromage <bromage at>.

This CFV is being posted to the following newsgroups:


And once the CFV has appeared, it will also be mailed to the mailing list:

	sustag at


This newsgroup is intended for the discussion of any topics related to farming
and agriculture.

Topics for discussion include, but are not limited to:

	- Land management
	- Water management
	- Soils
	- Erosion (prevention of)
	- Forestry
	- Hydroponics
	- Aeroponics
	- Aquaculture
	- Permaculture
	- Economic aspects
	- Advice and assistance including personal experience
	- Announcement of forthcoming courses and conferences
	- Discussion and criticism of literature


You should send MAIL (posts to any newsgroup or mail to any other address 
are invalid) to

	vote at

(just replying by MAIL to this message should work).  Your mail
message's body should contain one and only one of the following
exact statements:

      I vote YES on sci.agriculture
      I vote NO on sci.agriculture
      I vote ABSTAIN on sci.agriculture
      I vote CANCEL on sci.agriculture

Anything else may be rejected by the automatic vote counting program.
You may ABSTAIN in place of YES or NO - abstain votes do not affect the
vote outcome;  you may also change your vote later by voting again. 
Within a few days, the votetaker will respond to received ballots with
mail acknowledging your vote.  Addresses and votes of all voters will be
published in the vote results.  If you wish to remove your vote and all
indication that you have voted from the final list, send a vote with CANCEL
in the place of YES/NO/ABSTAIN.

Standard Guidelines for voting apply.  One vote per person, no more
than one vote per account.  100 more YES votes than NO votes and twice
as many YES votes as NO votes are the requirements for group creation.
Votes must be tracable to a human: votes from system accounts such as
(but not limited to) "news" or "root" will be marked invalid.
L. Todd Masco                          This vote is being handled by the
System Administrator/Programmer,          USENET Volunteer Votetakers.

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