HELP: Enzyme kinetics programs

Jean Elizabeth Grundy jegrundy at CCS.CARLETON.CA
Fri Oct 1 17:09:37 EST 1993

inna at writes:
>   	I'm looking for MAC or PC program for emzyme kinetics analysis
> (Michaelis - Menton, simple or complex allosteric mechanism, activation
> or inhibition analysis, etc.).
> 	I would appreciate any information on above subject.
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There is a program with what you are looking for:
Biocomputing Vol. 13, No. 6, pp 906-911 (1992); "A Simple Computer
Program with Statistical Tests for the Analysis of Enzyme Kinetics"
by Dr. S. P.J. Brooks.
"The kinetics program can be obtained by sending a blank, formatted
disk (5.25 or 3.5 in., double or high density) in a self-addressed
disk mailer to Dr. S. Brooks, Banting Research Centre-3W, Nutrition
Research Division, Tunney's Pasture, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0L2, Canada.
If you want the source code for the kinetics program as well as the
header and *.obj files for the utilities, send a high-density diskette
of two low density diskettes.  The program is also available from the
BioTechNet software library under the filename KINET1.EXE.  For
downloading instructions, see BioTechNet Network News, (same issue)."
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