Macs versus other computers in biosciences (Re: IBI in b.methds...)

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> Did anyone else notice in the recent Secret of Life show on PBS that
> all of the computers seen in use by biologists were Macs?  With I think
> the one exception of an IntelPC at CDC.
> I don't know what actual percentages are, but Macs do seem predominant
> in the biosciences.  
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Maybe the ones using MACs are just more likely to get on TV?

Actually I have both a MAC and a PC(with Windows).  I must admit that I end up 
doing more of my really productive work on the MAC--everything is so much more
nicely integrated and it all works!  I seem to use the pc only when I have to
use a program not on the MAC.  Maybe if a really good graphical/based
operating system becomes quasi-universal for the PC's, the situation will
change (and maybe we'll also have world peace, too)

Until then, My MAC and I, will just wait to get for PBS to call.

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