Macs versus other computers in biosciences (Re: IBI in b.methds...)

DAVE SEGAL djs1539 at
Wed Oct 6 00:18:00 EST 1993

In article <CEELK1.1qD at>, gilbertd at (Don Gilbert) writes...
{In article <199310050049.AA27414 at Menudo.UH.EDU> Davison at UH.EDU (Dan Davison) writes:
{>... The *vast* majority of molecular biologists are using Macs. 
{Did anyone else notice in the recent Secret of Life show on PBS that
{all of the computers seen in use by biologists were Macs?  With I think
{the one exception of an IntelPC at CDC.
{I don't know what actual percentages are, but Macs do seem predominant
{in the biosciences.  
Mac rules, DOS drools!

that's my two cents
- ds

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