Anemone Identification.

Scott Southurst maverick at
Wed Oct 6 00:44:09 EST 1993

I am currently a second year student at Deakin University Warnambool Australia 
where I study Aquatic Biology.  Part of a subject we do here (Aquatic Animal
Communities) involves a project which concentrates on the Taxonomy of a 
particular Phyla or general group.
	For my project I have chosen to examine the Phyla Cnidaria and recently
I collected a bright orange Anemone which has not been seen by any of the staff
that I have talked too.  For those who are familiar with the Phylum it is
Morphologically Identical to the "Common Red" Anemone - Actinidae tenebrosa
(Please forgive me if I have spelt the name wrong as I haven't a reference here)	My question is this:-

Has anyone ever seen members of this species any colour other than the bright
red which they are normally observed as??

I am also wondering if it is possible to determine if two anemones are of 
different species by simple examination of the nematocysts on the tentacles.
If so, this would be a simple method of determining if this orange example is
a different species but this may be complicated by variation with species.

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