Macs versus other computers in biosciences (Re: IBI in b.methds...)

Rick Westerman westerm at
Wed Oct 6 08:36:04 EST 1993

Oh wow. Long quoted posts with cute little cutting remarks about "my computer
is better than yours" appended to the end of them -- what a refreshing change 
from the other newsgroups I read.  :-(

To inject a factoid into this thread, a recent survey of my users -- people
who use my VAX/VMS computers in order to run the GCG package -- shows that a
majority of them use PCs instead of Macs (results below). Now perhaps this
is because the lack of biological software on PCs forces people to use the GCG
package; e.g., Mac people don't my system because they run their programs on
their own Mac. Or perhaps Purdue is backwards in regards to the rest of the
world. Or perhaps PC users feel comfortable with the VMS interface. Or perhaps
there is some other factor. Anyway, PCs are not dead around here.

           Type of computer used (151 respondents)
           77  PC compatible
           52  MacIntosh
            8  Workstation/Other
           14  don't know/don't wish to answer

-- Rick

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