University recommendations - bio

Dennis Stockert rqdms at
Thu Oct 7 13:34:00 EST 1993

Apologies in advance if this isn't quite the proper group (referrals gladly 
accepted :)

I'm looking for schools with good programs in the following disciplines, in 
rough priority order:

    - marine biology
    - biotechnology
    - biochemistry
    - biophysics (maybe)

Especially in Florida or Maryland, though I'd like to know of others.  I'm 
a fortyish, business management type looking to find my way back to a life 
path from which I strayed long ago.  I'm putting a premium on value as well 
as educational quality (i.e., cost is a consideration).  I'm doing my own 
research, of course, but there's no substitute for real-world feedback.  
Thanks for listening ....

Please reply by e-mail as I doubt this is of widespread interest.  

* Dennis Stockert
* chaser at

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