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- An Update from The British Council (Singapore)
  October 1993

Content of A Selection of the Recent Press Releases from the London 
Press Service's `Science and Technology News'

*	New Pds15M Biology Centre for Scotland
	A group of 175 Scottish scientists, already given a top grade
        international research rating, is to be housed in a new Pds 15
	million Biological Sciences Centre at Edinburgh University.

*	Revealing the Secrets of Bacteria
	Features of bacteria never seen before have been revealed in
	Britain by one of the world's most powerful microscopes.

*	Diet May Be Key to Beating Cancer
	British cancer experts, who are playing a major role in the world's
	largest in-depth investigation into diet and cancer, now believe 
	that diet may cause 35 per cent of all cancers and probably plays
	a part in breast, bowel and most other common cancers.

*	Gene Therapy for CF Goes on Trial
	Gene therapy has started in Britain to combat cystic fibrosis, a
	common genetic disease that causes lung damage and often leads to
	death at an early adult age.

*	Food Scientists Advance Knowledge of Pectin
	Protein crystallographers at the UK Institute of Food Research 
	have achieved a European first by solving the three dimensional
	structure of an enzyme involved in the production of gelling agents,
	the extraction of fruit juices and purification of cellulose.
International Courses and Seminars in Britain

Science and Technology Policy : Key Issues and Strategies
17 - 23 April 1994

The Entrepreneurial University: Managing Relations with Industry and the
14 - 26 May 1994
Danbury Park, Essex

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