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Wed Oct 13 01:56:55 EST 1993

R. Schoenheiter writes:

> I am looking for a program that can calculate the likelihood of paternity out 
> of DNA Fingerprints based on band triplets.
> The program should run on IBM-Compatibles (DOS or Windows).
> Can anybody give me a hint where I can get such a program ??

Any program which computes likelihoods of data on pedigrees can be used for
this purpose, if you don't mind a bit of pencil work to combine final
numbers, and if you are willing to impose a prior distribution of paternity
on the pedigree. (This is customary in paternity testing, although one can
certainly contest the logic behind the specific priors used.)  Therefore in
a DOS environment, you can use MENDEL, LINKAGE, or LIPED. 

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