What is a Rife/Rive frequency generator?

Mark 0009462 at MSGATE.EMIS.hac.com
Thu Oct 14 17:03:12 EST 1993

Good day one and all.  Please pardon the intrusion if these are not
the proper newsgroups to post to. (I am posting this to sci.physics
and bionet.general).  This posting is for an associate who does not
have access to the net.  He desires to know:

a)  What is a Rife or Rive (please pardon the spelling) micro scope?
b)  Has anyone heard of, and what is a Rife or Rive frequency generator?

Thanx in advance, and do please let me know if there is a FAQ or 
something that I could print and give to him. Or what newsgroup(s)
I should direct his inquiries too. 

Reply by e-mail is your best bet.

0009462 at MSGATE.EMIS.hac.com

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