Macs versus other computers in biosciences

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|> > And with PC's I get the largest amount
|> > of screens for my money. With some UNIX boxes for the hard work.
|> > 
|> > Jeroen
|> > 
|> But with PCs you have to spend 5-10 fold more time for support per user...
|> And (at least here) we have to spend much more on network software etc for
|> a PC (at least to get windows versions)...

This is not entierly true. Academicians in Norway have (most) access
to deals for both MAC and DOS/Windows TCP/IP stacks. Distribution 
takes place through deals the computer depts of our univeristies have
been working on continously. 

For a mere US$ 215 a US$1428 486 w/4 MbRAM and 120Mb HD
with LBUS SuperVGA gets an Academician an Internett connection. 

I will not argue for or against any brand or make of computer but
simply venture to say that a peek at the molbio software/dirs in
various ftp sites clearly indicates PC's are better supported in our

How much time is spent in 'training' depends on each individual
user and what is it the 'manager' refers to as 'support'. With
Windows, there is now a nice and steep learning curve in general
for all applications on a PC, including lot's of molbio packages 
of varing quality in the PD as well as commercial ones.  

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