CHO / mammalian cells - gonadotropin - NMR - IEF

michaelrs at michaelrs at
Fri Oct 15 20:16:22 EST 1993

Hi Science Crowd,

	I am quite new to NewsLists, but quickly found out they are close to sliced
bread...I am eager to get / gather info's before they are actually out...

    	I am looking for Listservers/Mailinglists etc. on the following subj.:

				hCG / (human chorionic) gonadotropins / glycoproteins

				mammalian / animal cells / cell culture engineering
				CHO / Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells

				Metabolic Engineering

				glycans / carbohydrate-chemistry of proteins

				Isoelectric Focusing / Blotting

				NMR / nuclear magnetic resonance for biomedical app's

				magnetic resonance imaging / spectroscopy

	I would apppreciate every server/list that comes to your mind / that you think
migth be related to the outlined subjects, also other newsgroups would be of
	Thanks wise guys and gals out there !!

							Michael RS 

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