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>	I have a promoter region sequenced, and am curious to see what,if
>any, transcription factors may bind to it. So, as a start, I would like to
I've used a portion of David Ghosh's TFD database several times with good

Ghosh, D. (1990)  Nucleic Acids Research 18:  1749-1756.
Ghosh, D. (1991)  Trends in Biochemical Sciences 16:  455-457.
Ghosh, D. (1992)  Nucleic Acids Research 20S:  2091-2093.

It's into version 7 now and kept up to date, from what I can tell.  The
database is accessible via gopher at under the "other
databases" menu, as I recall, and downloadable from NCBI at
I use the sites.gcg file with GCG pattern recognition software.  There is
an available unix program called Dynamic that will run the entire database
but my attempts to set it up myself were a waste of time.  No help is
available from the program's authors.  The TFD mailing list has carried
news of some people attempting to set up work station database programs for
use of the entire database.

Mike Holloway
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