Lactation period.

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> Cattle from breeds like Holstein Fresian and Jersey can give you milk for
> years together.  But the yield in comparison to the maintainance is not
> economical.  So the ideal split that is recommended in veterinary circles
> is to milk these cows for 10 months and then give a rest for two months
> that should correspond to the last two months of gestation for the next
> calf.  So, the ideal cycle is to have a calf every 12 months and get milk
> from each cow for 10 months in a year.
>     I guess, the experts in human lactation should be able to comment
> on the other part.
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> >
> > Hi,
> >   I would like to know what are the common lactation durations in mamals.
> > As I anderstand it, it stops if not stimulated, but if it is, how long can
> > it last... We were arguing at least about two :  Cow, Human, does anybody
> > has idea about those and other ?
> > Thanks, Pascal
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> >
 I've heard that there are several human societies where it is not
uncommon to breast feed children for the first three years of life.
So I guess lactation could last at least that long in humans possibly
even longer. Although I must admit I'm not an expert on the topic.

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