Is there a blood-enteric system barrier? - 1 or 2 refs. needed

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> Good references on
> this are GI phsiology books and a huge volume of pharmacoloty literature
> which discusses "first pass effects" on oral medications.  It is no small
> feat to get a medication (reliably) from the GI tract into the blood, and
> even harder to get them into brain.

I am somewhat new to this area and am interested in the '1st pass effect" as
a protective barrier for toxic materials.  The question is, how much of an
orally ingested compound (phenol, to be exact) would be detoxified before
reaching the liver.  I would very much appreciate one or two particular
references that I could use as a starting point for a full literature search,
that address the metabolizing capacity of the GI tract and at which point it
is "saturated".

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