Lactation period.

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>> Cattle from breeds like Holstein Fresian and Jersey can give you milk for
>> years together.  But the yield in comparison to the maintainance is not
>> economical.  So the ideal split that is recommended in veterinary circles
>> is to milk these cows for 10 months and then give a rest for two months
>> that should correspond to the last two months of gestation for the next
>> calf.  So, the ideal cycle is to have a calf every 12 months and get milk
>> from each cow for 10 months in a year.
>>     I guess, the experts in human lactation should be able to comment
>> on the other part.
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>> >
>> > Hi,
>> >   I would like to know what are the common lactation durations in mamals.
>> > As I anderstand it, it stops if not stimulated, but if it is, how long can
>> > it last... We were arguing at least about two :  Cow, Human, does anybody
>> > has idea about those and other ?
>> > Thanks, Pascal
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>> >
> I've heard that there are several human societies where it is not
>uncommon to breast feed children for the first three years of life.
>So I guess lactation could last at least that long in humans possibly
>even longer. Although I must admit I'm not an expert on the topic.

	It's only one data point, but my sister-in-law nursed her kids off
	and on for nearly three years.  It wasn't a regular thing after the
	age of one, but milk was still available at nearly three years.  As
	another data point, I know of a woman who hasn't nursed a child
	for ten years, but who can still express milk easily (she's been
	checked, and everything seems to be in proper working order, so it's
	not the result of some disease).

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