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>How do I get my printer to print DNA Strider 1.1 maps in a proportional
>font (like it does on the screen)?  There is no preferences menu items,
>nor is there a "Set Fractional Character Widths".

 you probably don't have 'monaco' font installed in you laserwriter, and you
have 'font substitution' check in the page setup dialog box. this means that
whenever you try to print, your printer changes monaco to helvetica (which
isn't proportional).  
  you have a few choices,
     1) uncheck that box
     2) find the setup kit for your laserwriter and download monaco to it (this
         may not be an option, depends on your printer)
     3) in the options button, on the page setup dialog box,
         check 'unlimited downloadble fonts'
  try them all or any combination of them, there are probably a few more fixes.

good luck

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