jobs in ecology/computing

Betsy A Keplinger bakeplin at
Wed Sep 1 09:32:48 EST 1993

I am graduating from Syracuse University shortly with a degree in
Information Resources Management (lower technology based version of MIS).
My undergraduate degree is in Forest Biology and is from the State
University of New York college of Environmental Science and Forestry at
Syracuse University.  I am interested in positions that perform biological
modelling or database development.  While getting my masters degree I
worked in an ecology lab on campus and gained experience in chlorophyll
fluoresence and photosynthesis.

Now that I've given you my background - my question is does anyone know
where any jobs  relate to the above experience?  I have been searching for
8 weeks now and have not run across any positions that require or use both
types of information for the same job.  Any information would be more than

Thank you


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