"Tell me all you know" requests

Deborah Danaher dd76 at umail.umd.edu
Thu Sep 2 18:10:26 EST 1993

In article <00971E8D.4C6AD1C0.1436 at UDCVAX.BITNET>, hkaplan at UDCVAX.BITNET
(Howard Kaplan) wrote:
> hi my name is cynthia I am a grad student at etsu
> looking for information on the use of biotechnology in oil spill clean-up


 mail message to the adress below. Currently writting thesis on this
>   You may enjoy the process.  If not, you will still have learned a
> valuable lesson.
>                                 Howard Kaplan
>                                 Professor of Microbiology

Me thinks we may have been hoaxed by someone signing off as Cynthia.  I'd
much prefer to believe that than think that Cynthia got into grad school
with that little focus.


(thank goodness I'm perfect, eh?

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