Wall Street Journal leaks Internet's existance

Stephen Modena nmodena at ncsu.edu
Fri Sep 3 02:09:05 EST 1993

Of interest to those in academia concerned with the flood of barbarians
into the sanctum of "free" Internet:

	Wall Street Journal   02 Sept 1993
	Section B:  Marketplace
	"Internet Becomes Road More Tarveled as
	 E-Mail Users Discover No Usage Fees"
		on page B1 at top center (where you can't miss it).

The jist of the article is: compared to commercial messaging services
(like MCI Mail and CompuServe), the flat fee-for-connect price structure
is *extremely* attractive to commercial companies and even the growing
Internet access-providers (such as Delphi).

For example: "...Software Tool and Die, Inc. of Brookline, MA charges
it's 5,000 customers as little as $1 per hour for Internet access..."

Complaints about "burden on my research budget" will probably fall on
deaf ears...because increasingly, University administrators will
recognise that if Internet Email can be bought for $1/hr, the charges
for super access (FTP/Telnet/Gopher/Client-Server), is worth a few
bucks more...and quite reasonable.  :^)

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