Satellite Broadcast on Internet

Fri Sep 3 12:49:07 EST 1993

I came across the following information in Chronicle of Higher Education 
(August 11, 1993):

	"Exploring the World of Computer Networks" _ A live Satellite
	Broadcast.  Discover how to enhance teaching, research and learning
	with computer networks.  How to take advantage of the Internet.
	Explore the future of Internet and national inforamtion infras-
	structure.  Offered by IBM and Univ. North Carolina.
	Thursday, September 30, 1993.  1- 3 PM US Eastern Time.
	Via KU and C band of the satellite.
	Registration Fee $295 per site (includes taping rights)
	For info: FAX (919) 560 5047
	or info.iat. at

Looks like a useful conference to downlink.  Talk to your campus satellite
people to host this meet.

C. S. Prakash
Tuskegee University

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