Is there no carbohydrate news group?

Dave Dudley dudleyd at
Mon Sep 6 08:41:46 EST 1993

iwilson at wrote:
: Among all the news groups for those interested in molecular biology, I have 
: not yet found one for those interested in carbohydrates, glycosylation, 
: glycosyltransferases, etc. Am I correct in this? And is there a way to search 
: the Carbbank database?

: Is the apparent lack of a news group just because carbohydrate people don't 
: log on?

While there may not be a group specific for carbohydrates, there certainly
have been postings about carbohydrates in other groups (i.e.
*.methds-reagnts) in the bionet hierarchy.  There is also a relatively new
group, bionet.cellbiol, that seems an ideal place to bring up these topics.

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