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wais server operator waisguy at solomon.technet.sg
Tue Sep 7 08:04:36 EST 1993

john hachey (HACHEY at ABRSLE.AGR.CA) wrote:
: I seem to have lost the adress of the recently advertised e-mail
: accessible biogopher.
: Could someone kindly repost the adress and/or info on this device.
: Thankayou very much
: John <hachey at abrsle.agr.ca>

We have set up MAILGOPHER on our machine.
It allows users who do not yet have internet access (eg those on BITNET)
to gain non-interactive access to GOPHER sites.

Send the message:


to mailgopher at nusunix1.nus.sg
   (or mcbserve at nusunix1.nus.sg or mcbserve at nusunix2.nus.sg)

to obtain a help file on how to use MAILGOPHER.

Send the message:


to the same address to obtain a short list of GOPHERable biological databases

Hope this helps.


Tin Wee.

PS, you may be interested in WAISMAIL and I am sure that Dave Kristofferson
will fill you in on this.

   WAIS operator  waisguy at solomon.technet.sg
or Dr Tan Tin Wee, Department of Biochemistry,
       National University of Singapore.
   Tel 772-3678   Fax 7791453   INTERNET bchtantw at nuscc.nus.sg 

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