teaching genetics to undergrd non-scientists

James P Laird jlaird at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Wed Sep 8 07:57:15 EST 1993

In article <dstraus.binah.cc.brandeis.edu-260893134013 at> dstraus.binah.cc.brandeis.edu (Don Straus) writes:
>I am designing a new course on genetics for undergraduate nonPscience
>majors. I am looking for advice on teaching non-scientists, curriculum
>advice, texts, audiovisual materials, simple demonstrations and experiments
>and problem sets for such a course...
I suggest "The Cartoon Guide to Genetics".  It clearly explains
basic genetic concepts that any survey course includes.  It 
is inexpensive, around $10 or so--much less than the $50 price
of traditional texts.  And it is fun.  I know TA's who have used 
this in the classroom for general biology classes and at least
one lecturer in Anthropology assigned for a non-majors' course.
I do not have a copy handy, or I would give you the ISBN and
the names of the authors (Groenic and Whelis ?).  Perhaps 
somebody will post it.

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