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Wed Sep 8 13:05:29 EST 1993

James Marek <jmarek at rhs.brevard.k12.fl.us> writes:

>I teach biology at the high school level and one of my students asked if we
>had an electron microscope at school. I told him that it would cost to much
>for a public school to have one. The next question that the student asked was
>how much would one cost. Does anyone have a ball park figure on the cost.

We have a 20 year old Phillips transmission electron microscope that cost 
about $75,000 new.  To replace it today would be about $125,000.  We pay 
about $8,000 a year for a service contract to maintain the machine. 

Simply to HAVE an electron microscope is not enough.  We also have a fairly
highly trained technician to run the thing and cut sections to use in it.  
There is also the cost of all the ancillary equipment (microtomes, 
embedding stuff, etc.) that it takes to use it.  I would imagine that IF a 
high school had an electron microscope, the additional costs of using and 
maintaining it would be about the cost of 2 teacher's salaries.

I hope this helps put things into perspective.
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