teaching genetics to undergrd non-scientists

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dstraus.binah.cc.brandeis.edu (Don Straus) writes:
>I am designing a new course on genetics for undergraduate nonscience
>majors. I am looking for advice on teaching non-scientists, curriculum
>advice, texts, audiovisual materials, simple demonstrations and experiments
>and problem sets for such a course. Can you help me find these and other
>relevant resources? Have you taught a comparable course? Do you know
>someone that is good at it? Thanks.

At least as a reference, you might like Wilmer J. Miller's _A Survey of
Genetics_.  It strongly emphasises classical genetics with biochemistry being
relatively minor.  Miller is a professor in the Department of Zoology and
Genetics here at Iowa State University (he's not on the net yet).  Sorry, I
don't have an ISBN number.

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