PCR primers and hybridization probes

Michael Holloway mhollowa at ic.sunysb.edu
Mon Sep 13 17:40:18 EST 1993

In article <1993Sep13.184334.25805 at cas.org> ljc55 at cas.org writes:
>	  For those of you interested in PCR primers and hybridization
>      probes I would really appreciate your opinions about their
>      inclusion in biosequence databases.  Some of my specific concerns
>      are as follows:
>      1.  Do you feel primers and probes tend to clutter up a nucleic acid
>	  database and cause unnecessary retrievals when searching for
>	  sequences of much longer length?
(others deleted)

Some background on your concerns would be interesting.  I've never noticed 
any problem in my searchs yet your questions indicate that you believe that
many of these sequence entries exist and are a problem.  Are you referring 
to Genbank/EMBL?  I assume your referring to entries made at Los Alamos from
published data.  Don't they take the origin of the data into account (whether
it is primary data or not)?

>	  Please post your response to ljc55 at cas.org

Is it just me or is this kind of request on every other message here?  I think 
that insisting that responses be sent privately is counterproductive to the 
newsgroup (or mail list)'s purpose: generating discussion.  If the poster 
can't be bothered to read the newsgroup (or mail list) why should anyone else 
bother to read their post?  

Mike Holloway
mhollowa at ccmail.sunysb.edu

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