MEDLINE access via Internet?

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>Subject: MEDLINE access via Internet?
>Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1993 14:53:04 -0500
>I have been trying to get access to MEDLINE via internet and so far I have
>come up with nothing.  The National Library of Medicine access is out of my
>price range so that is not an option either.  Does anyone have any ideas or

The NLM produce Medline as a quasi-commercial product (albeit heavily 
subsidised).  Access to Medline through the NLM system has always been one 
of the cheapest routes to Medline online.  A number of other 
commercial systems (Dialog, Datastar, BRS) also provide access but at a 
higher price.  You will not find free access to Medline on the Internet 
(except by mistake :-).  Your best bet is to contact your Univ library and 
enquire whether they can provide you with Medline access via the Univ 

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