Is Federal Register available on-line?

Mike Cherry cherry at cycle.Stanford.EDU
Wed Sep 15 12:12:30 EST 1993

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>Does anyone have any information about government documents
>available on-line?  I am familiar with SIMTEL, etc., but
>specifically am interested in the Federal Register and similar

A good place to start is the Library of Congress Gopher server.
The Link info is:

Name=Library of Congress

The top level menu of the LOC Gopher looks like this:

 -->  1.  About LC MARVEL (Please Read First)/
      2.  Library of Congress: Facilities, Activities, and Services/
      3.  Research and Reference/
      4.  Library of Congress Online Systems/
      5.  The U.S. Congress/
      6.  Federal Government Information/
      7.  Services to Libraries and Publishers/
      8.  Copyright/
      9.  Employee Information/
      10. The Global Electronic Library (by Subject)/
      11. Other Internet Resources/
      12. What's New on LC MARVEL/

Item 6 has many things that might be of interest.

I do not believe the Federal Register is available for free. I recall
a message posted several months ago about a commercial service
providing access to the Federal Register via usenet and Gopher.


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