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Lemieux Francois lemieuxf at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Thu Sep 16 15:35:07 EST 1993

I'm writing this message in the name of the whole redaction team (we are about  10!) of the ARNm (Bio. dept. student journal).

For about 15 years, the journal as been read through the dept. of biological
sciences at the university of Montreal (Canada), but for some years the interestof the student population as decreased.  The redaction team of last year successed in publishing one journal per month, with about 16 pages each month, the journal is now printed at 400 copies.

For this year, the objectif is to become even more interesting, and for that purpose, I suggest including articles from others students (from other university),teachers, and researchers.

There's many subject that can be discussed in the ARNm, but we would like to 
concentrate in these fields:  New devolopment in bio. (of any domain), vulgarisation (for 1st year student) of new technics, and job information.

If you would like to help us, (by any means!) just send me e-mail at the 
following address:

internet: lemieuxf at ERE.UMontreal.CA

Sebastien Lemieux           *
1st year bac student        *            "English is
in Biological sciences      *              Chinese."  ;-)
at Univ. de Montreal (CAN)  * 

eee   n 

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