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> Are there any databases on inhibitors of enzymes?. I'm particularly
>on inhibitors of alcohol dehydrogenase. 

We've used 4-methyl pyrazole (available from Sigma) with great success.

>Also, would anyone be aware of any work
>where the adh gene was deleted? I am working on a yeast biotransformation
>process where alcohol dehydrogenase is responsible for a lot of
byproduct, and
>hence would like to reduce its activity/delete the gene.

I assume you thinking specifically in yeast???  A selective agent (allyl
alcohol) used in maize to isolate ADH null mutations was first used in
yeast (Megnet, 1967, Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 121: 194), so I assume that
there are ADH null mutant strains in yeast.

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