semi-apology from a big dummy

Thu Sep 23 10:44:00 EST 1993

>|> There seems to be a bit of Catch-22 here - if your a big dummy then you (I)
>|> must read the Big Dummy's Guide to learn how to get the Guide.  Yeah, I
>|> could get it in ASCII, read it, and then get it in HyperCard, but this
>|> seems rather indirect.
>Hmm, you are likely to annoy people on the net if you make it clear that you
>could sort out your problem if you only bothered to work it out for yourself.

Sorry to leave people with this impression, but I hoped that someone (like
youself) would be willing and able to explain in minutes what it would take 
hours for me to figure out.  A lot of this is not obvious and since (I
presume) the posting of things like the Big Dummy's Guide is to encourage
new participants, it would be nice if dummy explanations are given with the
posting, since that would eliminate a lot of duplicated effort - time that
could better be spent on research.  (Why make it hard on new users if, with 
a short paragraph, you can make it easy?)  Of course, if there is a posting 
for the "Knowledgable User's Guide" then no explanation should be necessary.

schlosser at

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