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>Also, would anyone be aware of any work
>where the adh gene was deleted? I am working on a yeast biotransformation
>process where alcohol dehydrogenase is responsible for a lot of
>byproduct, and
>hence would like to reduce its activity/delete the gene.

There are three ADH genes in Saccharomyces cereviciae:
ADH1 - cytoplasmic, constitutively expressed
ADH2 - cytoplasmic, regulated (repressed by glucose)
ADH3 - mitochondrial

We have yeast strains in which all three have been mutated or deleted.  We
also have strains in which are adh1- and adh3-, and have ADR1 deleted. 
ADR1 is an activator that is required for expression of ADH2.  See:
Denis et al. (1981), J. Mol. Biol. 148:355-368.

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