cetacean/dolphin research

JONATHAN TOWNLEY town7396 at elan.rowan.edu
Thu Sep 23 12:57:17 EST 1993

Prompted by the recent research and the movie FREE WILLY,  I'm writing a 
paper on cetaceans {pelagic mammals,such as dolphins, orcas and whales}. 
My thesis:  We have no right to keep dolphins in captivity, as they are as 
smart and as sentient as humans. Further, they are a much gentler and 
peaceful species, and we have no right to judge and incarcerate as we do 
our own.
I would greatly appreciate any help or criticisms and will send out copies 
of the paper and bibliography when I am finished to those who request it.
Perhaps someone has a woks cited list that can be sent to help me on my way.

Jonathon Townley

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