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ww40 William_D_WARREN at UMAIL.UMD.EDU
Sun Sep 26 06:22:00 EST 1993

>I'd like to access the "Current Contents" database which includes
>6,500 scholarly journals.  The UC MELVYL SYSTEM DATABASES does have
>this database but is for the use of UC people only, and thus 
>requires a password to access its databases (telnet
>Could someone tell me another way of accessing Current Contents?
Current Contents is available only on subscription. My guess about the UC
situation is that they pay a largeish sum to be able to provide access for
their students/staff. You can get a personal subscrition, accessable in
either MAc or PC format, for around $500 a year I think. I'd check your
library first though as they may already have access to it or Medline or
some other journal databases (UnCover at Colorado is pretty widely
accessable) that may be of use.

Good luck

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