a big dummy trying to figure out how to get the Big Dummys Guide

Bob DeLisio delisior at rnisd0.DNET.roche.com
Mon Sep 27 10:43:39 EST 1993

SCHLOSSER at ciit.org writes:

>Well folks, I've managed toget into ftp.eff.org and copy 
>big-dummys-guide.sit.hqx to my VAX account (the 1st time I've done ftp, 
>all with only the marginal description of HOW this might be done in 
>Rob Harper's posting - not bad for a big dummy) but when I transfer it 
>to my Mac it looks nothing like a HyperCard stack and I don't know how to
>turn it into one.
>There seems to be a bit of Catch-22 here - if your a big dummy then you (I)
>must read the Big Dummy's Guide to learn how to get the Guide.  Yeah, I
>could get it in ASCII, read it, and then get it in HyperCard, but this 
>seems rather indirect.  How about a brief description of *exactly* what one
>must do to get this?  I have 2 terminal emulators, PacerGraph and VersaTerm
>Pro - but so far have only learned how to transfer between Mac and VAX with
>Thanks in advance,
>schlosser at beta.ciit.org 

I have experienced a very similar problem with this file. I downloaded it three
time but was unable to convert it to a hypercard stack. After each download I
converted it using BinHex 5.0 and then I tried to extract it with Stuffit
1.5.1. with no luck at all. I then noticed on the third try that the file was
changing size as it was being passed around! On the EFF server it was listed as
being 285659 bytes large; on the Vax it was 290058 bytes large; and on my MAC
it was 279k bytes. I know files can take up different amounts of space on
different computers but it looks as if this file has definitely lost some vital
information in transit.

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