Wanted: email addresses of researchers in US

Suresh Krishnajois sujo at netcom.com
Wed Sep 29 13:12:26 EST 1993

In my original post I wrote:
: Hi,

: I was looking for email addresses of researchers both in universities
: and industry in United States / Singapore / Europe who are working in 
: the following areas:

I was alerted to a breach of netiquette in my original post:

> In the interest of netiquette, you might indicate why you want the addresses/

Thanks for pointing out my omission. Well, I need the addresses on behalf
of a friend who works out of India, and is not well connected by affordable
communications to the ouside world. He has done some work on bio-leaching
which has commercial potential. Hence the request for industry contacts.
He has also done his PhD along more theoretical lines (info theory etc.)
and wishes to pursue post-doctoral work outside India. Hence the request
for theoretically oriented academic / industrial research groups.

Hope this clears any misunderstanding.

- Suresh
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