>Dielectric Properties of Vegetables

Diane Hope Peapus peapud at aix02.ecs.rpi.edu
Tue Sep 28 21:27:28 EST 1993

Timothy Wig <WIG at NDSUVM1.BITNET> writes:

>I am conducting research on remote sensing of the temperature of vegetable
>piles, and would appreciate any information on prior work in this area,
>  1) The dielectric properties of vegetables, sugar beets and potatoes in
>     particular, at radio frequencies.
>  2) Any general information concerning propogation through vegetable matter.
>This subject is rather esoteric, so please send any reply via e-mail
>rather than posting to WIG at VM1.NODAK.EDU

	Well, I must admit, this is not a rigorous test of dielectric of 
vegetables, but I once took an old cord with the plug still attached off of
a defunct appliance.  I stripped down the bare end of the cord, put one
stripped wire into one end of a pickle and the other stripped wire into the
other end of the pickle and plugged the cord into the wall socket.  Mostly,
the pickle fizzed, but it did glow a little.  The effect is much more
dramatic with the lights out.  If I had it to do over, I would put the
pickle on an insolating material.  I've never tried radio frequencies,
sugar beets or potatoes but my guess is that they wouldn't work as well. 


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