How to get toxin of Streptococcus pyogenes

HYDE at horta HYDE at horta
Thu Sep 30 08:00:05 EST 1993

>I want to study toxin from Streptococcus pyogenes but can't find
>a suitable media for growing the bacteria and get its toxin with
>less media's proteins contamination. Any suggestion would be very
>appreciate. Thanks
You should probably give Dr. Patrick Schlievert or Dr. Patrick Cleary at 
the University of Minnesota a call or send a letter. These people have been 
looking at the biology of Group A Strep and Staph (especially Toxic Shock)
toxins for quite a while. I doubt that they are Internet-connected but 
they may be reached care of the Department of Microbiology, University of
Minnesota, 420 Delaware St SE, minneapolis, Minnesota 55455 USA.

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